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Strength Deployment

The Strength Deployment Inventory

This scientifically validated assessment reveals why you do what you do—your motives—and your most authentic behaviors—your strengths—when interacting with others. The SDI provides tools for choosing the right strengths to use in high-stakes situations. It also offer insights you and your team need in order to make the right decisions and build strong and collaborative relationships.

SDI Shows What Drives You
The SDI maps three essential motives people have for acting how they do:
■ People — a drive to help and develop others.
■ Performance — a drive to direct action and achieve results.
■ Process — a drive to establish clear and meaningful order.

Everyone expresses these motives differently. The unique way you prioritize People, Performance, and Process places you in one of seven categories in what is called the Motivational Value System (MVS). During the workshop, you’ll identify your MVS, which will help you choose the best course of action (strengths to deploy) to achieve results in good times and in times of conflict. The SDI empowers the awareness you need to make better choices and to use your strengths to improve your interactions with others.

SDI Highlights Your Strengths
This snapshot reveals the way you prioritize 28 strengths. By analyzing the results, you’ll gain insight into the broader range of traits or behaviors you can draw on during a given situation. This knowledge will allow you to make better choices when working with different people.

The SDI gives you and your team unique, personalized insights needed to:
■ Take personal responsibility for results.
■ Develop innovative solutions.
■ Make better decisions.
■ Navigate opposition and conflict.
■ Strengthen relationships within your team.

Why Choose The Strength Deployment Inventory?

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