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Strength Deployment for Individuals

“Most people work just hard enough to not get fired and earn just enough money not to quit.” – George Carlin

Invest in your greatest asset: yourself.

How do we find inspiration when we feel lost?

Do you feel as if you’ve lost focus? Are you feeling less creative than you know you can be? Could you maximize your strengths more?

You’re not alone. Nationwide, 70% of employees report feeling disengaged (Forbes Entrepreneur, September 2013).

You are too good to be part of that 70% or to let George Carlin’s quote become your reality. You can feel fully engaged and you can feel good about your contributions and strengths.

Successful leaders understand the costs of disengagement. The cost of conflict, inefficiency and indifference is enormous. Your biggest investment — your time — is only yours.

This program can be adapted to you and your needs. We can come to your place of business or we can create individual coaching sessions. Let’s talk about what’s best for you.

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