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Influence Training

How do we create influence?

Influence training for you and your team

Corporate structures are getting flatter. The pace of business is getting faster. We have access to more information than ever before. And it’s becoming harder than ever to get things done.

Simply put, we need the cooperation of other people to have transformative influence on our world.

So let’s talk about persuasion, a key component of influence. First, let’s put aside our assumptions. (You know what they say about assumptions.) Persuasion is not being “sales-y.” It’s not being pushy or manipulative. Principled persuasion is about positioning the value of your idea alongside the things that matter to the person you’re trying to influence.

Principled persuasion can help us build stronger relationships and derive greater fulfillment from our jobs. We can work together better when we understand what our colleagues care about. And there’s so many perspectives to consider — direct reports and senior managers, cross-functional teams and differing cultures.

We can help you and your team learn to influence those people and cultures you work with and within through workshops and coaching strategies that focus on:

  • Principled persuasion
  • Gaining buy in
  • Character and competency
  • Building trust and credibility
  • The science and dynamics of influence
  • Relationship strategies
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