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How do you become the leader you want to be?

“Leadership is influence.” — John C. Maxwell

The word “lead” means to go before. So, as you go before your team, your family, your community, ask yourself: what kind of world are we trying to create? What results do we want? When you’re creating your vision, you have to get other people to stand up for it. You have to influence them. But influence has components – building trust and credibility, gaining buy-in, fostering an environment of collaboration, dealing creatively with differences, learning to value diversity including diversity of opinion. These are skills we can learn, skills we can improve.

They call these “soft skills” because they’re difficult to measure but, when they’re missing, you notice. We need to have conversations. We need to know what we need to talk about. We need these skills – influence, persuasion, conflict management, empathetic listening. We need to ask ourselves, “What’s my relationship strategy? Do I have one?”

People don’t like “office politics” because we think of the times when its excessive – politicking, self-promoting. But whenever you have two or more people, you have politics. It’s not a judgment but a truth. And to gracefully navigate these natural politics, to use them to create progress, we need to have conversations that foster collaboration and creative disruption.

How can we learn to have those conversations?

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  • Executive Presence
  • Situational Leadership
  • Influence Training
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